Welcome to Grapevine Golf Course!

Welcome to Grapevine Golf Course!

Welcome to Grapevine Golf Course!

Course News

The Sand Bunkers have now been redone and are AWESOME! This liner (Better Billy Bunker) and sand (Premier White “Arkansas White”) is the same liner and sand used at Augusta National, home of the “MASTERS”

Today is:                                    MONDAY APRIL 24TH, 2017

The 18 Hole rotation is:             BLUEBONNET TO MOCKINGBIRD

Stand Alone 9 is:                       PECAN

Cart Rule:                                  90 DEGREES

The Range is:                           OPEN UNTIL 10:00 P.M.

**Pro Shop Hours:                     6:00 AM – 7:30 PM**

**Carts are due back in at         8:15 PM**



TBA: To better serve our customers, we will provide our entire inventory of tee times (6 days in advance) online via our grapevinegc.com website only. We plan to have this service available on or before end of April. Check our website for updates.


To further our commitment to environmental stewardship Grapevine Golf Course has become a member of Audubon International and is seeking certification in their Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf. Thus far we have been recognized by Audubon International for the environmental plan we have put forth and will be implementing over the next year. There are five sections to the certification process and we plan to keep you up to date as we complete each section



Grapevine GC  has completed its Bunker project of all 47 Bunkers. Come and experience the best bunkers in the DFW area. Better Billy Bunker liner was used along with Premier White Sand (“Arkansas White”). This is the same liner and sand used at Augusta National. Come have a Master’s Bunker experience.

“This is a superior public course in terms of its facility and personnel. The City of Grapevine should be exceedingly proud of the way this facility is maintained and managed. The staff from pro shop to Mulligans to the groundspeople are the friendliest and most professional of any place I have experienced. I drive from Plano twice a week to play here. One fellow golfer quit Brookhaven CC… preferring this course and the great treatment and quality of golf he receives here. It really is a jewel. The 27 hole layout breaks up the monotony of playing the same track over and over. I hope the spirit here never changes and if Byron Nelson’s portrait and artifacts in the lobby signify his presence or prior involvement, then that explains why the experience here is so special. Cannot say enough about the superior attitudes of everyone on staff. Been playing here weekly now for 6 years. This is the first place I would bring friends from out of town to play golf in DFW, because I am certain they would be treated well and the golfing experience is the best value for the money.”

Sterling F. 6/27/2016